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|New York|  Venero Mangano

Birth: September 7, 1921

Death: /

Venero Frank Mangano is a high ranking member of the Genovese crime family. He is a relative of Vincent Mangano (1888-1951) who was the leader of what would become the Gambino crime family, Phillip Mangano and Lawrence "The Dago" Mangano. Venero was listed as a caporegime twice by the New Jersey Attorney General's Division of Gaming Enforcement Exclusion List on his 1987 exclusion order. However, he is said to be the underboss by He was released from prison on November 2, 2006 after serving a 15 year sentence for extortion.

Venero Mangano, nicknamed "Benny Eggs", was for several years an independent wholesaler and the head of a surplus stock distribution company that worked lucrative contracts for the likes of Calvin Klein, following his serving with distinction in the Second World War. During this time he even became friends with Klein's longtime business partner, Barry K. Schwartz. Mangano was a member of the crew in Greenwich Village that Vincent Gigante would later head. He oversaw business, out of a social club at 101 Thompson Street, including an immensely profitable monopoly on window replacement in the New York City metropolitan area. It was this business, later dubbed the "Windows Case", that saw Mangano jailed with fellow mobster, Colombo crime family consigliere Benedetto Aloi in 1991 to 15 years imprisonment.

Mangano was released on November 2, 2006. He was called to testify against boss Vincent Gigante in 1997 but refused, saying "What do you want to do, shoot me?" Mangano tried a number of times to get a new sentencing or hearing but to no avail. He was, it seems, steadfastly ignored by the federal courts; left to deteriorate in prison. The future was uncertain for Mangano and he was fortunate to have lived out his sentence. Upon Mr. Mangano's release, it was speculated that due to his high rank within the Genovese Crime Family that he would take over the leadership and become the official boss. Gangland News' Jerry Capeci says that Mangano is going blind, has suffered 2 heart attacks and has undergone three heart operations since 1993. History of the secretive crime family tells us that Mangano's ill health, whilst documented as serious, is likely being exagerated by Mangano as a way to deter further government interest and downplay his involvement in the family.

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