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|New York|  Venero Mangano

Birth: September 7, 1921

Death: /

Venero "Benny Eggs" Mangano is a senior member of the Genovese family and is reputed to be the current underboss of the organization. He is a relative to past generation Mafiabosses Phillip and Vincent Mangano.

Silent rising
Venero Mangano was born in Lower Manhattan in 1921. He earned his nickname Benny Eggs because his mother used to own an egg store. He became affiliated with the Mafia at an early age, although he stayed under the radar for a long time. He was largely involved in bookmaking and was close to Vincent Gigante after he had become boss of the family during the early '80s.

The windows case
In 1977 4 out of 5 NY Mafia families shook hands to cooperate in the windows installing business to increase their grip on the immense New York Housing Authority. It lasted 13 years for the FBI to complete a long investigation proving that the Mafia had schemed about $140 million through window placing contracts. Several bigshots from the New York Mafia were taken into custody, such as Peter Gotti and Benedetto Aloi. Three topmembers of the Genovese family were also arrested, being Mangano, Venero Mangano, Dominic Canterino and Joseph Zito. Vincent Gigante himself was set for trial to, but was acquitted because of mental illness.

The windows-trial lasted for 6 months. Mangano was eventually found guilty to extortion and conspiracy and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In 1997, while being jailed, he was asked to testify in a trial against Vincent Gigante, but he declined, telling prosecutors "I'm tired of these charades. You gave me 15 years already. I'm 76. Where am I going?".

In late 2006 Mangano was released from prison. Although being of old age and being confined to a wheelchair, he is believed to have retaken his roll as underboss since Daniel Leo has been jailed. (Source: "A Jailed Mobster Refuses To Testify in Mafia Case" NYtimes July 19, 1997; "2 Men Sentenced In Windows Trial" NYtimes March 28, 1993)

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