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|New York|  Gaspar DiGregorio

Birth: 1905 - Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily

Death: June 11, 1970 - New York

Gaspar DiGregorio was born in the Sicilian town of Castellammare del Golfo and immigrated to the US settling in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. He started out in the bootlegging business during the 1920's along with Joseph Bonanno and Giovanni Romano. DiGregorio was a soldier in the Castellammarese War and then became a Capo in the fall of 1931 when Joe Bonanno "Don Peppino" became the youngest boss in New York at age 26. Gaspar DiGregorio was the brother-in-law of Stefano Magaddino, the bestman at Joe Bonanno's 1932 wedding and was the Godfather of Bonanno's first born son, Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno. Despite all of his close personal connection's to Joseph Bonanno, Gaspar DiGregorio would prove to be his downfall. In 1964 when the Family consigliere became ill, the Capo Regime elected Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno as the new consigliere inorder to keep in contact with his father who was in hiding because of problems with the Commission (Many sources claim that Bonanno was kidnapped by Magaddino in 1964, but this was probably staged by Bonanno). That very same year Gaspar was supported by members of the commission: Lucchese, Gambino, Colombo, Eboli, Bruno Sam Giancana & Stefano Magaddino, they made Gaspar DiGregorio the recognized leader of the Bonanno Family. A war broke out between the Bonanno loyalists and the rebel faction led by DiGregorio. After the Troutman Street shooting in 1966 in which the rebel faction attempted to kill Bill Bonanno, their failure resulted in DiGregorio being forced to step down. After Joseph Bonanno suffered from a heart attack, Bonanno and his son Bill retired from crime and moved to Tuscon Arizona (However, it is believed Bonanno just moved his business to Arizona, but remained official boss untill 2002). Gaspar died of lung cancer in 1970 at the St. John Hospital, he was 65 years old.

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