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|Florida|  Frank Ragano

Birth: 1923 - Florida

Death: 1998 - Florida

Mafia Lawyer

Frank Ragano grew up in Tampa, Florida with his Sicilian parents. His father ran a store in Tampa and was a Sicilian native. In the 1940's Ragano joined the American troops to go fight in the Second World War in Europe. Ragano was offered the Bronze Star for his actions at WWII ones he was back in America.

Around 1948 Ragano began to represent Santo Trafficante and got in contact with New Orleans big shot Carlos Marcello. In 1961 Jimmy Hoffa called in for Ragano's help to defent him in court against claims that he had plundered the Teamster Pension Fund. Ragano himself was arrested in 1971 for tax evasion and lost his license as a lawyer. In 1981 he gained his license back and in 1984 he represented Santo Trafficante in a racketeering trial. In 1990 Ragano was again arrested for tax evasion and was sentenced to 10 months in jail.

John F. Kennedy
In 1992 The New York Post claimed that the assassination of John F. Kennedy, president of the United States, in 1963 was commited by the Mafia. Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante and Jimmy Hoffa were all claimed to be involved in the murder. Ragano got the message from Hoffa that he wanted the new president dead. Ragano set up a meeting with the 2 crime lords and told the plans of Hoffa. Both Marcello as Trafficante showed interest in the plans. Ragano later quoted in his book, that Marcello told him after the murder: 'When you see Jimmy (Hoffa), you tell him he owes me and he owes me big.' Ragano also quoted Trafficante, saying: 'We shouldn't have killed John (Kennedy), we shouldn't have killed Bobby (Kennedy).' just four days before he died.It is not yet proved wether this accusations are true or false. Frank Ragano died in 1998.

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