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 |2015-03-12|   New Jersey's DeCavalcante family targetted by the FBI
Recently the FBI struck at the New Jersey based DeCavalcante family and arrested about a dozen of wiseguys during the process. They are being charged with illegal prostitution, illegal gambling and conspiracy to murder. Main suspects are family consiglieri Frank Nigro, 72, and 71-year old capo Charles Stango, who led a crew out of Toms River. According to investigators Stango had plotted to whack a fellow mobster from Elizabeth and had hired a member of the Outlaws to do the hit. The crew was also said to have ran a luxury escort service out of Toms River.

 |2015-01-22|   Fugitive 'Ndrangheta leader arrested
Yesterday the carabinieri succeeded in arresting Mafialeader Natale Trimboli, who had been a fugitive for 5 years. He was hiding in Gioia Tauro, where police was able to arrest him without further resistance. He is considered to be the leader of the Trimboli-Marando clan and was an important link to North-Italian based crime groups. He will stand trial for drug smuggling offenses and the murders of Antonio Stefanelli en Franco Mancuso, who were killed in Turin.

 |2015-01-22|   Secret Mafiacode revealed
Earlier this week police apprehended a paper which had a secret code written on it and was used by 'Ndrangheta members for drug trafficking and initiation rituals. The code was found inside a red book and was taken in the village of San Luca alongside several weapons and 600 kilograms of cocaine. After a long stretch two specialized officers were able to crack and translate the symbols into plain text. The codex, dubbed the San Luca Code, can prove to be very worthy in further investigations.
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 |2015-01-05|   Joey Merlino heads back to prison
Joey Merlino, the former boss of the Scarfo family and eternal foe to John Stanfa, is back in prison for violating his parole after meeting with Philly mobster John Ciancaglini at a local cigar bar. He will have to sit out a four month term. Since his release in 2011 Merlino has been living in sunny Florida with his girlfriend, claiming he has no more involvement in the Scarfo organization. The FBI nonetheless still believes he remains in touch with current boss Steven Mazzone.


 |2014-12-10|   St. Louis Mafiaboss Anthony Parrino passes away
Anthony "Nino" Parrino, the 78-year old reputed boss of the St. Louis Mafia, passed away last week. Parrino had been active with the Teamsters labor union during the '60s and '70s while under the wing of then boss Anthony Giordano. Since the early 1980's he served as the consiglieri and after Gioradano's successor Matthew Trupiano was jailed, he became boss himself. During that period the St. Louis Mafia became independent from their long related Mafia brethren from Chicago and Detroit. The St. Louis Mafia had been dealing on a small scale ever since and with Parrino's passing could now face extinction.

 |2014-12-05|   Another murder hits Montreal
Monday, the 1st of December, after months of peace, Montreal was again the scene of a mob related rubout. Tonino Callocchia, a 53-year old construction entrepreneur with a vast criminal record including money laundering and drug trafficking, was shot and killed by two masked gunmen in a northwestern bistro. During the Rizzuto warfare he had been siding against Vito Rizzuto and already had escaped being killed once, but has now been caught nonetheless. Callocchia was called a "big player" in the Italian Mafia and was close to Joseph Di Maulo, who was murdered in November 2012.

 |2014-12-04|   Fears for new formed Mafia group in Italian capital
Citizens of Rome are stunned by the high levels of corruption that have been uncovered recently thanks to a couple of deep-digging prosecutors. It seems that for years now Rome has been the subject of an independent crime group with Mafia-like structures. For now prosecutors have dubbed it "Mafia Capitale", referring to Rome. The group has it's own "superboss"; a one-eyed fascist terrorist named Massimo Carminati, who is now 56-years old and was a former member of the far-right terror group NAR. He was arrested earlier this month along with 36 associates for setting up a vast criminal network that dominated the capital in the past ten years. They are being accused of money laundering, bribing, extortion and corruption, above all. They maintained close ties to several political figures in Rome who, in turn for monthly payoffs, granted favors. Former mayor Gianni Alemanno is one of the accused being investigated.

 |2014-11-20|   Net closing in on Matteo Messina Denaro
In Palermo police arrested 37-year old businessman Girolamo Bellomo, who had acted as an important henchman for fugitive Mafiaboss Matteo Messino Denaro. Interestingly, the suspect is also Denaro's brother-in-law. Investigators believe he helped to back Denaro financially while in hideout and took care of all sorts of mob related business ventures. Another 15 men linked to the suspect were taken in for questioning. In december last year police already arrested several affiliates and family members, including his sister Patrizia. Denaro has been a fugitive since 1993 and remains one of the most wanted men in Italy.
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 |2014-11-10|   Sons of former Montreal bigshot in disarray
Jimmy and Francesco Cotroni, sons of the deceased mob leader Frank Cotroni, found themselves on the opposite sides of court recently after one brother had burned down the house of the other. Prior to this rather peculiar case brother Jimmy didn't carry any lengthy criminal records but did however had a history of heavy drug abuse. In October 2013, while being high, he had visited the house of his brother Francesco which was under renovation back then, and for some reason had started a fire which ultimately ended up causing $200.000 in damage. He now faces a max term of 14 years in prison for arson and is forbidden to communicate with his brother during or after the trial. It is very likely that their relationship is thereby gone. Their father Frank and uncle Vic Cotroni led the Montreal underworld for more than 20 years until the rise of the Rizzuto clan.

 |2014-10-30|   President of Italy set to testify in Mafia trial
89-year old Giorgio Napolitano, the president of Italy, was recently questioned about purported negotiations between the state and the Mafia in order to stop terror attacks in the 1990's. Some of the questions asked came from the lawyer of none other than Salvatore Riina, the man responsible for numerous bombings and attacks. The president himself was not being accused of any wrongdoing, but was there as a witness. The main suspect in the case is former Minister of Interior Nicola Mancino, who is on trial for giving false testimonies concerning the 1993 Mafia bombings of several churches in Rome, the Uffizi museum in Florence and a Milan park. Back then, Mancino had presumably approached Mafia members to secretly grant some of their demands in return for peace.

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