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 |2015-08-05|   Former DeCavalcante boss John Riggi passes away
Monday, at the age of 90, the long serving boss of the DeCavalcante family, John Riggi, passed away. For years he was involved in union and labor rackets before becoming head of the family and succeeding Sam DeCavalcante. In 1989 he was arrested for labor racketeering and was later also charged with the murder of real-estate developer Fred Weiss. Whilst in prison he kept running the family by using several substitutes. In late 2012 he was released from prison but suffered from bad health. During his last few years he was treated at home by a nurse until he passed away. Acting boss Frank Guarraci is now believed to step in as official boss.

 |2015-08-04|   Hunt for Matteo Messina Denaro takes a new turn
Recently Italian police arrested 11 people whom they believe are close to fugitive boss of bosses Matteo Messina Denaro. Since 2011 police have been keeping an eye on a remote farm near Trapani which showed signs of being used as a way for Denaro to communicate with his henchmen. Therefore he used so called pizzini, small notes containing encrypted messages which were hidden around the farm. The owner of the farm, 77-year old Vito Gondola, acted as an in between and called whomever was needed after finding a new note. For instance, when the note said "I've put the ricotta aside for you" it meant the farmer had found the note and someone needed to come over. According to police the farmer himself at one time has been close to former boss of bosses Toto Riina and was involved in several kidnappings throughout the 1970's.

 |2015-07-04|   Gambino mobster guilty on murder charge
Back in 2001 police discovered the body of 51-year old businessman Konstantinos Boulis. Boulis was the founder of the Miami Subs restaurant chain and also owned the SunCruz casinos. Twelve years later a judge convicted Anthony Ferrari and James Fiorillo, who had become a turncoat, for murder and conspiracy. A third suspect, John Gurino, had been killed himself in 2003. However, until then it was unclear who exactly had ordered the hit. Now, two years after the convictions that question has been answered. Anthony Moscatiello, a 77-year old mobster, is the one prosecutors believe to have ordered the hit because of a dispute for control of the SunCruz Casinos boat fleet. James Fiorillo also testified in court. Moscatiello's wife, Marion, collapsed when hearing the verdict. He will most likely be facing life in prison.

 |2015-06-20|   Lucchese keymembers plead guilty to illegal gambling charges
Back in 2007 the authorities were able to dismantle an illegal gambling enterprise worth up to $2 billion. The operation used a wire room based in Costa Rica and made use of several password protected websites to place bets. There were thousands of users active in a span of 15 months. Leading suspects were Lucchese members Matthew Madonna, Martin Taccetta, Ralph Perna and John Mangrella. They were all indicted in 2010. Now, almost 5 years later, they have plead guilty to the charges. Prosecutors will probably recommend prison terms ranging from 5 till 10 years.

 |2015-06-07|   Camorra responsible for large scale ticket fraud during Champions League finals.
Last saturday was a big and exciting moment for FC Juventus, a class-A soccer team from Turin which managed to place itself in the finals of the Champions League against all-stars FC Barcelona. Many fans travelled to Berlin in hopes that their team might rise the trophy once more since their last victory 19 years ago. But what supposed to have been a great evening ended in an absolute mess. Before the start of the match the UEFA learned that over 5.000 forged tickets had been sold in Italy and now circulated at the ticket stand. They immediatly restricted the entrances causing lots of delay. Because of this many fans, including sponsors and VIPs, missed much of the first half. The chaos angered thousands of people. Top officials of the UEFA now blame the Camorra for being responsible and demand an investigation. They have also said they will not pay people back for the damage. To make matters worse Juventus lost the finals with 1-3.

 |2015-06-05|   Last of the Angiulo brothers dies
Another past generation chapter has ended. Francesco Angiulo was the last surviving of a group of brothers who ran the Boston Mafia throughout the 1960's until the 1980's as part of the New England based Patriarca Family. Francesco was a longtime bookkeeper for the families vast gambling ventures and worked under the command of his older brother Gennaro. For years they controlled the neighbourhood until the FBI began to wiretap their headquarters, resulting in waves of indictments and prosecutions. His brothers and several henchmen were all trialed for racketeering, himself ending up behind bars for 14 years. It meant the end of the Angiulo ruling. People however never claimed to have feared them, but instead said the brothers had kept the neighbourhood clean and safe for all those years. Francesco was 94 years of age when he passed away.

 |2015-04-10|   Leading member of dangerous Camorra clan arrested in Spain
Today Spanish police arrested 55-year old Carlo Leone, who was signalled all over Europe since he disappeared in 2009 after an arrest warrant was spread out back in Italy. Leone is a keymember of the Elia clan in suburb Naples and acted as an important narco-broker between distributeurs and customers. After investigators discovered he was hiding in the Costa del Sol, police put on a surveillance and eventually nailed him. He now awaits extradition.

 |2015-04-03|   Son of former Detroit godfather passes away
Tony Zerilli, son of the famed Joseph Zerilli, passed away at the age of 87. During his lifetime he had been closely involved with the Detroit Partnership. He was a longtime boardmember of the Hazel Park racetrack in Michigan and spend a lot of time in Las Vegas to watch over Partnership investments. In 1996 he was indicted in a massive racketeering case. He was freed in 2008. He had been married to Rosalie Profaci, daughter of New York mob boss Joe Profaci. With his passing Detroit loses one of it's last Mafia strongholds of a past generation.

 |2015-03-12|   New Jersey's DeCavalcante family targetted by the FBI
Recently the FBI struck at the New Jersey based DeCavalcante family and arrested about a dozen of wiseguys during the process. They are being charged with illegal prostitution, illegal gambling and conspiracy to murder. Main suspects are family consiglieri Frank Nigro, 72, and 71-year old capo Charles Stango, who led a crew out of Toms River. According to investigators Stango had plotted to whack a fellow mobster from Elizabeth and had hired a member of the Outlaws to do the hit. The crew was also said to have run a luxury escort service out of Toms River.

 |2015-01-22|   Fugitive 'Ndrangheta leader arrested
Yesterday the carabinieri succeeded in arresting Mafialeader Natale Trimboli, who had been a fugitive for 5 years. He was hiding in Gioia Tauro, where police was able to arrest him without further resistance. He is considered to be the leader of the Trimboli-Marando clan and was an important link to North-Italian based crime groups. He will stand trial for drug smuggling offenses and the murders of Antonio Stefanelli en Franco Mancuso, who were killed in Turin.

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